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Various Waste Disposal Methods

Every year, Australians produce a whopping number of waste. People carelessly throw their garbage everywhere, resulting in rapid transmission of infectious diseases. With that, each and every member of our household needs to observe proper green waste disposal. It is the best way to maintain the sanitation of the place and the good health of the people living in the area. Let us find out how we can properly and safely dispose of our waste in this article.



One effective method of waste disposal is the third component of the 3R Rule of Waste Disposal—recycling. The process involves taking waste products and converting them into new, useful ones. This will prevent humans from exploiting and overusing fresh and raw materials. The general idea of this method is to decrease energy usage, landfills, air and water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, and preserve natural resources for the future.



For the disposal of biodegradable waste, this method comes in handy, especially if you grow a garden in your home. The process begins with collecting organic materials, such as fruit rind, onion peels, etc. Place the compostable items in a tub or bin and leave them to decompose. After decomposition, you can add compost to the soil to provide nutrients and assist the growth of your plants.




This method of waste management features the burning of municipal solid wastes to convert them into base components, residues, and gaseous products. The controlled burning of waste reduces its total mass, that’s why it is often used in the production of electricity. In a place where there is scarcity of land, incineration is the most convenient and helpful way to dispose of the waste.



The most common method of disposing of waste is by throwing it in landfills. In this method, wastes are dumped and buried in the land. Before that, the waste materials go through a process where its odors and dangers are eliminated. Today, this method has become less likely used due to the scarcity of space available and the negative effects it brings to our environment.



Waste Disposal in Ocean

To prevent the disturbance of the natural flow of nutrients, sediments, and other materials to the ocean, we must practice ocean waste disposal. However, like the landfill method, it also carries with it substantial impact on the environment. That is why it is important to understand and note the environmental consequences of ocean waste disposal before using it.

All of these methods of green waste disposal will help you tone the pile of garbage in your area down. You just have to find the one that perfectly suits your needs.