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The Miracle Of Green Waste Removal

Ready for some trash talk?

On average, a single individual can produce at least 283.93 kilograms of rubbish in one year. This was according to the mass data on Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) or the national waste report of the Australian Environmental Protection Agency. From the amount of newspapers we read to the plastic containers we use to store food, we easily overlook how wasteful we can be.

Imagine how much more waste there will be from just a household, a bustling city, a country, and even an entire planet! Statistics would tell us that people all over the world have very poor solid waste management skills. It is no wonder why in a lot of places all over the world, disease and environmental disruption are widespread.

In some cases, they are even dumped in places that are not officially declared as proper dumping sites. Clearly, we have a number of things that we throw out daily, yet we know little to nothing about how to dispose of our waste properly. How do we solve this problem?


Segregate! Not All Rubbish Are Created Equal

Some are pretty straightforward, while some are a little bit more complex. Some decompose fast, while others do not break down at all. Some have harmful effects to the environment that takes years to take into effect, while others are extremely potent and must, therefore, be handled differently and more cautiously.

In this regard, one must be aware that for every type of rubbish or waste that is produced, there are specific means of disposal that is appropriate. Such a method is called segregation and this has been practiced for a lot of years.

However, even when a lot of people are already making an effort to sort their waste into its proper classification, many items are still hard to classify. If they are composed of several components, for example, or they might contain a mixture of materials.

This difficulty even becomes the very reason that people get discouraged in segregating and abandon the attempt altogether. In worse cases, some items will escape the collection system and end up someplace where they can be harmful like parks, roadsides, or the ocean. What does happen to rubbish that we throw anyway?

green waste collection


The Rubbish’s Journey

Have you ever thought about what happens to your rubbish after it’s been collected?

The journey for rubbish starts in your rubbish bins at home. Once collected, it then goes through local waste haulers. Sometimes, they even have to be processed throughout the country, but ultimately it will almost always end up in a landfill.

Unless it is illegally thrown in some unknown, uncharted land, then this is the typical journey of rubbish anywhere else in the world, as is the case in Australia where the majority of waste is sent to landfills to be buried, and for items that do not break down over time, stored.

There are specific types of rubbish, however, that needs to be handled differently. As a means to minimize the public health and environmental damage of brimming landfills, regulations have been set about the proper segregation of green waste from all the other kinds of waste. Read on to find out more about green waste and the miracles that the proper disposal of which could bring:


What is Green Waste?

Green waste refers to any household garbage that is 100% recyclable. This would include items commonly found in gardens like leaves, grass clippings, flowers, twigs, compost, and other organic materials. Others are yard waste like vegetative cuttings, shrubs, bushes, grasses, tree trimmings, and prunings, untreated wood waste, branches, and stumps. Similar materials generated by homeowners from their lawns and gardens or commercial or nonresidential activities are also classed as green waste.

Waste of this nature can be composted, that is, turned into a plant fertilizer made of decayed organic material. This is good news for all of us on the planet since it gives us a chance to turn our waste that is actually beneficial to the environment.


What are NOT green waste?

On the other hand, dried leaves, pine straw, or hay should not be mistaken as green waste. Such materials are rich in carbon and are thus considered as “brown waste,” while green waste contain high concentrations of nitrogen. Green waste is also effective in increasing the regulation of many composting operations and can be added to soil to sustain local nutrient cycling.

Here is a list of other materials that might be mistaken as green waste but are actually not:

  • wood waste that has been treated with lead-based paint or preservative
  • manure and plant waste from the food processing industry
  • food waste

    Why Can’t You Dump Green Waste in Landfills?

    An average household produces quite a lot of green waste on a weekly or even monthly basis. Anyone who has a garden or landscaped area on their property will need to know about the methods of green waste removal or at least call for a specific removal service, otherwise these waste could end up in landfills. Which is a very dangerous scenario that could severely contribute to or hasten global warming.


    The golden rule goes like this: If in haste, get a separate bin for green waste.

    Green waste cannot end up in the landfills because these organic materials are very notorious at producing a greenhouse gas called methane. Methane is a powerful source of fuel energy if used properly, but if it leaks into the air before being used, it absorbs the sun’s heat and warms up the atmosphere at alarming rates.

    green waste removal

    The Miracles of Green Waste Removal

    To prevent any adverse effect, green waste has to be treated and disposed of properly. Here are some things that might happen if more people disposed of their green waste properly:
    1. More Space in Landfills
    As you might have realized, green waste that accumulates in a landfill have very adverse effects on the environment, which is why proper green waste or garden waste removal is extremely important. If you practice proper methods for the removal of green waste, it will never reach a landfill.
    Not only does this prevent the release of greenhouse gases, but it also conserves valuable landfill space. If you utilise our green waste removal services here at A-Amigos Rubbish Removal and Junk collection, we find ways to ensure that your green waste is disposed of properly. Taking it to a recycling depot whenever necessary, and thus never end up in a landfill.
    2. Encourage Recycling
    With green waste being 100% biodegradable, it is also totally recyclable. Compost made with recycled green waste makes a very good soil fertiliser. Farmers, agriculturists, landscapers, gardeners, and many more people in related industries use these to enrich the soil and grow nutrient-rich plants.
    You can definitely compost green waste by yourself, but be warned: the process is messy, time-consuming, and takes a bit of practice. Rely on professionals who can recycle most of the rubbish by employing proper eco-friendly mechanisms as per government regulations.
    3. Less Expense
    When it comes to green waste removal, several companies impose additional costs when asked to handle the collection, transportation, and dumping of such waste. You might not even be aware of these costs. Worse, some of these companies dump them in landfills anyway!
    By availing trusted rubbish removal companies, you do not only get rid of the risk of contributing to unhealthy poor waste management practices, but you also reduce your green waste removal cost dramatically.
    4. A Chance For a Better Earth
    Over the last decade, humans have done more damage to the Earth than ever before. Alarming rates of greenhouse gases, and people who ignore the repercussions of improper waste disposal are just some of the numerous culprits for the speedy degradation of our planet.
    With proper green waste removal, we have a choice to break out of this narrative and even have a chance to not only restore Earth to its pristine state, or even create a better one! We can turn it into a world that supports technology and modernization through practices that embraces environmental sustainability.
    Imagine having cleaner streets and fresher air. Sunlight that no longer pierces us, but one that gives us warmth. All these are still possible if we start making these changes today.

    5. Infinite Uses
    Aside from healing the Earth, did you know that green waste can also be utilised in other countless economical ways?
    For instance, green waste is used to improve the quality and sustainability of industrially manufactured topsoils. It is a reliable source of nutrients for growing plants.
    They provide the bulk that is necessary for supplementary topsoils, since its woody components do not decompose quickly. Green waste mixed with industrial waste, such as fly ash or coal dust to create artificial topsoil not only facilitates the repurposing of industrial debris and keeps it out of landfills, but also allows the nutrients in green waste materials to be reverted back into the environment.
    In addition, it also enhances the sanitation and efficiency of sewage disposal. Green waste can also be mixed with sewage waste and composted, providing a safe, environmentally sustainable option for sewage disposal. Co-composting green and sewage waste eliminates the risk that pathogens and pollutants contained in sewage waste might pose to the environment.
    The list includes renewable energy in the form of biofuel, better soil health, and many others.
    Our Green Waste Tips
    In handling green waste, remember not to do the following:

  • Mix regular, commercial, and general rubbish or recyclables with green waste.
  • Throw overflow green waste materials in carts or leave it tied in bundles next to a skip bin or container.
  • Throw tree stumps, rocks. or dirt in your green waste cart.
  • Dispose foam cups or packing materials, plastics, metal, glass or paper in your green waste cart.
  • Dispose yucca, palm, ice plants or bamboo with green waste.
  • Use your green waste bin for animal or food waste.

    Practice Safe Rubbish Removal Today!

    For effective green waste removal, call in the experts. Work with a company that is experienced and professional, at the same time, also provides affordable options that suit your budget. A-Amigos Rubbish Removal Sydney is exactly that — a solution to your rubbish removal woes.
    A-Amigos operates locally and has a business model that values relationships more than profits. We provide service even on the weekends and public holidays, giving you a hassle-free experience in rubbish removal. Our team of licenced specialists ensure that industry standards are met in every project that we handle.
    We only use the best heavy-duty equipment needed to get the job done. We comply with local industry standards for waste disposal, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We all have a responsibility for Mother Earth. Contact us to start your journey to a healthier planet today!