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Recycling Facilities in NSW

People have been irresponsible and negligent with the way we have treated Earth. In our world today, we have to value recycling more than ever in order to leave a positive impact and for the next generations to enjoy and take as an example. Since we are creating something new out of the old, the amount of rubbish we produce is slowly decreasing. Some of those who are with us in this course of helping and saving Earth are the recycling facilities in NSW. And to get to know them, read over the following list.


Randwick Recycling Centre

One of the goals of Randwick City Council is to reduce waste. To make this happen, they accept materials, such as computers and parts, plastic bags, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, and many others to be recycled under the Randwick Recycling Centre. They offer recycling options for electronic waste, polystyrene, soft plastics, and household problem waste. Aside from that, they also offer green waste tips for you to start at your home.
Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre


The Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils aims to reduce the waste problem you have in your home. So they come up with Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre: a free and easy to use community recycling centre. All you have to do is follow the succeeding quick and easy steps:


  • Gather your materials (paints, fluorescent light globes and tubes, mobile phone, etc.), and place them in your vehicle.
  • Cover your vehicle with protective sheet or tray in the boot to prevent breaks and capture leaks.
  • Transport and drop off materials to the centre.
  • Put your items according to the label provided for recycling purposes.


City of Canada Bay Community Recycling Centre

To address the state’s household waste problems, such as oil and water-based paint, cooking and motor oils, smoke detectors, etc., the City of Canada Bay opens a recycling centre. Through the support of the NSW Environmental Trust as part of the NSW Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, the City of Canada Bay is able to establish a community recycling centre for free.


Casino Community Recycling Centre

Another recycling facility in NSW is the Casino Community Recycling Centre. As an active member of North East Waste, Richmond Valley Council focuses on finding effective waste management solutions. They are committed to recycle the items that are piling up in your house and garage. They accept household quantities like broken smoke alarms, brown light bulbs, electronic waste, plastic containers, etc. All of the recycled items go to the Tip Shops where these wonderful treasures are sold.

In brief, the negative impact of waste on the natural environment has decreased through the effort of the recycling facilities in NSW. By separating your household wastes and taking them to your local community recycling centre, you are not only reducing waste to landfill, but you are also helping improve waste recycling and taking care of your environment.